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Babor micro needling

What is MicroNeedling?

Micro Needling is a gentle anti-aging treatment that makes it possible to better introduce highly effective active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid into the skin. The skin naturally forms a protective layer against environmental influences on its surface. This makes it difficult for anti-aging agents to penetrate the depths of the skin. Using sterile disposable needles, the skin is perforated on its surface during micro needling to make it more permeable to anti-aging active ingredients and to introduce selected active ingredients into the skin, exactly where they will have the greatest possible benefit. At the same time, the perforation of the top layer of the skin activates all skin functions, increases blood circulation and stimulates the natural regeneration of the skin. The treatment is painless, as only the top layer of the skin is perforated, which consists mainly of scales.


Micro Needling is a gentle, non-invasive professional anti-aging treatment. In this case, the skin is perforated with disposable sterile needles. In this way, the active ingredients arrive exactly where they are supposed to work, namely in the skin. The result is impressive and long lasting.

For visibly tight contours. An effective concentrate of active ingredients is introduced deep into the skin and thus dampens wrinkles and lines from the inside.

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How does the skin react to the micro needling treatment?

The skin reacts immediately to the Micro Needling treatment with moderate to intense redness, similar to a sunburn. A burning sensation and a slight swelling are also quite normal or even desirable skin reactions, which disappear after 1-2 days at the latest. After the redness has subsided, a light crust may develop in individual cases on particularly intensively treated skin areas. This, too, is an absolutely deliberate and calculated skin reaction.

Care after Micro Needling

To achieve optimal treatment success, compliance with a concrete care plan at home is a basic requirement. Follow the care recommendations of your beautician.

What should be taken into account after the BABOR TECH Micro Needling treatment?

The skin needs 2-3 days after the treatment to regenerate.

  • a stay in the sun or in the solarium

  • heavy sweating (sauna visits)

  • Visit swimming pool

  • Abrasive and chemical peels

  • Hair removal on the treated areas

  • Self-tanner

Sun protection should be applied during the entire treatment and for 2-3 weeks afterwards. For example, the DERMA CELLULAR Ultimate Protecting Balm (SPF50)

Sevim akgül
Sevim akgül
Ik ben gekomen voor mijn wenkbrauwen, microblading en powderbrows gecombineerd Combibrows. Zeer tevreden van de pmu artist salon ilknur altintas in aartselaar antwerpen
M. Altunbay
M. Altunbay
Als je permanente wenkbrauwen wil laten zetten bij de beste pmu artiest, zoek dan zeker niet verder want je hebt ze gevonden. Ilknur is een enorm warme persoon samen met haar man, luistert heel erg naar je wensen en het resultaat spreekt boekdelen. Heel erg bedankt!
Meryem Yuksel
Meryem Yuksel
Depuis 3 ans je viens faire un combibrows microblading shading je suis très satisfaite, Je viens de Bruxelles jusqu’à Anvers je conseille fortement
Duygu Pehlivan
Duygu Pehlivan
Je viens juste de faire ma 2e séance de Microblading shading powderbrows. Tout est parfait, j’aime beaucoup ! Merci pour cet excellent travail Ilknur. Accueil parfait ! 👍🏻
Tuncay Kaya
Tuncay Kaya
İlknur hanımın hem güleryüzü samımıyetı hemde işini severek yapması güven verıcı. Güvendiğim tek adres burası. Cok başarılı✨❤️
kristien Van Laere
kristien Van Laere
Zojuist mijn opleiding microblading and shading afgerond. Een fantastische opleiding, waarvoor ik Ilknur en Yassin wil bedanken. Echt toppers 🤩 Zeker een aanrader als je de academy wil volgen 👍🏼👍🏼❤️
Esin Fevzi
Esin Fevzi
İk ben gekomen voor mijn wenkbrauwen, microblading en shading combibrows semi permanent make up. Zeker een aanrader zeer zeer tevreden